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What’s Your Story?


Everyone has a story.  About everything.  And we do love to tell our stories!

Money’s tight.  I’ve always had to struggle to make ends meet. Life is tough and then you die. There is never enough for everyone.  The system is unfair, the cards are stacked against me, there’s no justice.  Back in my day I had to walk uphill both ways with only grapefruit rinds for shoes.  I grew up with an alcoholic/narcissist/depressive/etc so now I’m suffering from worthlessness/invisibility/depression/etc.  I never learned how to deal with chaos, or change, or people who don’t like me, or anger issues, or body image, or having to tie my own shoes and make my own dinner.  My back hurts, I get headaches, I have allergies, and I can’t eat that because of my irritable bowel, gluten intolerance, and generalized anxiety disorder.  I can give you the whole entire back history on how I got this way, believe me, I’ve had years of therapy.

How much does it serve us to keep telling our stories?  Yes, of course, it’s useful to dig into our past and figure out the psychopathy of our history.  We can use that information to — regale anyone who will listen about the troubles we’ve seen?  And keep ourselves firmly planted in those troubles, by repeating them over and over like a mantra of helpless impossibility.

We live in a simply amazing time of tools, techniques, and support for learning to understand AND overcome our psychoses and neuroses.

What if we were to pick a new story to tell?  Let’s write new stories and make ourselves the heroes!  Let’s write about how we overcome the stacked odds to leave behind the dramas and traumas of our past and realize amazing new possibilities!  Let’s tell these stories far and wide — even if they aren’t quite yet completed.  Let’s inspire others to rewrite their stories while we are rewriting our own!

My old story is about lack, but I’m rewriting that story.  My new story is about abundance.  I’m learning ways to repattern my brain with beliefs in my ability to bring every kind of prosperity into my life — love, friendship, financial security, career fulfillment, spiritual enlightenment.

My old story is about injustice, but I’m rewriting that story.  My new story is about building new structures.  I’m learning ways to create what I want in the world in order to offer positive alternatives that render the old ways defunct.

My old story is about helplessness, but I’m rewriting that story.  My new story is about tapping my internal power.  I’m learning ways to take responsibility for creating my life as I wish it to be.

How about you?  What’s your story?


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