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Why I’m a Possibility Warrior


Sometimes we’re on top of things. Sometimes we’re not.

When we’re not, there’s usually a voice involved. We might call that voice our superego or our inner critic or our inner child. It might be harsh and unkind, cutting us down to size. It might be sad, doubtful, fearful, or angry.  It’s the voice of one (or many) of your functions, it’s got a message, and you’ll be debilitated until you find a way to deal with that message.

The extraverted judging functions are going to be loud and critical – “You can’t do anything right!” (Te) or “Nobody likes you!!” (Fe). The extraverted perceiving functions (Se and Ne) might be complaining about restrictions on your freedoms, possibilities, experiences, and autonomy. It can be hard to ignore these voices, as they tend to make themselves heard.

The introverted functions are quieter. Their voices can be such a low whisper, you might not realize they are saying anything. Yet, they might be whispering doubt (Ni) or fear (Si). They may be questioning your goodness (Fi) or reason (Ti).

They aren’t doing so to be jerks. It’s their job. It’s your job to hear them out and address their concerns so you can get back on top of things.

My quiet voice of doubt says: “I don’t know if you can pull this off. Is this really possible? Maybe this just isn’t for you.” You can imagine how those words, whispered through my brain day in and out, can cause me to grind to a standstill. Until I become consciously aware of them and directly address them.

And so it is, that I am a Possibility Warrior, liberating and freeing my own possibilities from doubt. Yes, my dear: I Can, It is Possible, It is for ME!

Here are the reasons why I Can, It is Possible, It is for ME.

Here is the evidence from past experience that I Can, It is Possible, It is for ME.

Here is the future vision for how I Can, It is Possible, It is for ME.

Now. Let’s get back to work!

Author: PoWa

Gain a Powerful Understanding of Yourself and Others with The Tao of Type from Possibility Warrior.

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