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Type Power

Type Workshop
November 7, 2015

at Tara Napoli’s
Power Yoga
Pasadena, California

Discover your Psychological Type and what it means!

In this workshop, we will learn about the Myers Briggs Preferences, use fun exercises to see them in action, and introduce Carl Jung’s Cognitive Functions.

Everyone is unique, but there are certain patterns in human thinking that separate us broadly into different “types.”  Learning about your type can clear up a lot of confusion and lead to personal growth and clarification of purpose.  Learning about another person’s type can improve relationships by providing a neutral language to discuss differences without accusation and find compromises that bring out the strengths in both types!

Workshop includes:

PossibilitiesType Assessment:  An online Type Assessment will be taken before the workshop. The assessment takes about 20 minutes. You’ll receive a link to the assessment by email and you’ll be emailed a PDF of your results.

PossibilitiesBackground:  At the beginning of the workshop, I will provide background information on both Type systems, the popular MBTI and Carl Jung’s original system.

PossibilitiesMBTI:  I will explain the Myers Briggs system and clear up common misconceptions. You’ll self-assess your Type and compare that to your online assessment results.  We will try to come to a “Best Fit Type” for all participants in the workshop.

PossibilitiesExercises:  Once everyone knows their type, we’ll do some activities that demonstrate the different Preferences in action. This gives you a first hand experience of why people or different types act and react in different ways.

PossibilitiesCarl Jung’s Psychological Type Theory:  We will cover the basics of this complex and highly individual system.  We’ll demonstrate it’s power with 1-2 volunteers from the group (or more, depending on time!).

PossibilitiesEveryone who attends will be eligible for a free 15 minute follow-up.  If 6 or more people attend the workshop, there will be a raffle for a free 90 minute follow-up!


Please join by signing up with Tara:


Address:  2100 E Walnut St, Pasadena, CA 91107
Phone:  (626) 817-2197

Please Contact Julie with questions.


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