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YOU are Powerful!


You have more power than you think.

In fact, you can control the weather. At least I can. When I lived in the Midwest, it used to rain quite frequently. When I moved to LA, I got this backpack with a side pocket that was too narrow for my water bottle but perfectly fits an umbrella, so now I always carry an umbrella with me. And wouldn’t you know it, now it almost never rains!

Actually, that’s an example of fallacious thinking: Correlation does not imply Causation. I could disprove my hypothesis that “Carrying an Umbrella Decreases Rainfall by ~95%” by either 1) not carrying an umbrella in LA and noticing that it continues to not rain very often, or 2) carrying an umbrella every day in the Midwest and noticing that it continues to rain as often. I’m a scientist, by the way, so expect these mini-science lessons to pop up!

What was I talking about… Power. POWER!

If you believe you have no power, then you have no power. That’s very likely to be a self-fulling prophecy! If you believe hard enough, you can become All Powerful!! No, that is not likely to be true. But, if you believe that you can create and increase power in your life, then you will find ways to do exactly that. Very likely!

I’m going to share a very effective way to increase your power quite a bit without changing your station in life. I won’t say you’ll increase your power “exponentially,” because that’s not just a colloquial phrase meaning “very rapidly.” An exponential equation is an actual mathematical function and I have no idea if it correctly graphs the rate you will increase your power over time.

WHY is she talking about math?! So you’ll be relieved when I switch the topic to creating power in your life by taking personal responsibility! (See what I did there? Taking personal responsibility might seem arduous and dull, but it’s downright fun compared to deriving power as a function of time!)

It’s true that things happen that are outside of our control. But Victims can’t Pilgrimage, because they have to stop to Wallow. So as Pilgrims with the intent of journeying Out of the Dark Forest, we won’t be blaming our parents, or our jobs, or our partners, or the government, or the weather, or God, or our health, or our finances, or anything else that you have to deal with, you poor, poor thing! It’s not that those things don’t have an adverse affect on us… it’s just that putting our focus there is disempowering.

Because here’s the thing. When you decide YOU are going to be responsible for making your own life better, you suddenly have the power to begin your pilgrimage.

Did you see what I did there? I shifted power from something gifted to you by an external power greater than yourself, to something you create for yourself internally…

Whoa.  Now that’s powerful!


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